As parents, we know that we must take care of ourselves to be best for our kids. In today’s world, that’s a hard enough ask. But with the extra responsibilities and emotion it takes to parent children with special needs, it can feel impossible. We know!

But we also know it can be done! We can take care of ourselves, find our joy, and live openly in our own dreams. We see it every day, we live it. Even on the bad days, we can be found! And we don’t have to get there alone!

Lost and Found Moms will come to you! We will get to know your needs through compassion and connection, so we can build a relationship and trust with you and your child! We will implement our systems and reinforce them as long as needed.

  • We will use our expertise as teachers, mentors, and special needs parents to create individualized tools to help you better manage your life.
  • We will create routines to build security and independence for your child.
  • We can organize your IEP’s, 504’s, doctors notes, and the endless piles of paperwork to lighten your to-do list.
  • We will use our community of support to give you respite and relief and to help take you from isolating fear to joy and gratitude.
  • Most importantly, we will be with you every step of the way, from design to implementation, and through reinforcement.

We know what it feels like to be trapped in one impossible, isolating situation after another.  We know what it feels like to be scared, cut to the core with fear for our children and ourselves. We know what it feels like when not having the right answers or enough resilience can have emotional or physical life and death consequences. We know the despair and exhaustion of fighting to ensure our extraordinary children thrive. And we know how it feels to be totally lost. Lost in body, mind, and spirit.

But…We know we can be found! Let us use our skill, experience, and expertise to help!

LFM Members

Kerri Monnerat
Mom, Educator, Bad-Ass Advocate

I am a middle-aged mom of a special needs child trying to redefine what dreams are made of after 40, and maybe get back in shape. Before I was a wife and a mom, I was a dreamer, professional actor, singer and dancer, a teacher, a business owner, a daughter and a sister. I met my husband on E-Harmony even though I thought it a cold, calculated way to find love, only to realize how truly meant to be we are and how silly, but typical, it is for me to think I have any real control over what is and isn’t “meant to be”. We got married at 34 after a year and a half of dating and had our son, Buddha, thirteen months later. We are go getters. We’ll be married ten years this September, have almost divorced twice, and are in a deeper more real love now than we ever thought possible.

I have taught thousands of students, put on hundreds of musicals, ran an award-winning business, met stars, lived in Europe, and had a sitcom worthy, studio apartment two blocks from the pier in Huntington Beach, Ca. I have also had way too many dysfunctional relationships because of daddy issues and a mom who my deepest friend but I simultaneously want to save. I have a sister 20 years my junior and a brother 2. I’m not sure which one is the adult. I am an alcoholic two years in recovery and more broken than I ever thought possible. I am also the healthiest mentally I have ever been. I have an amazing therapist, genuine friends, real love, and a history blessed with magic, opportunity, and defeat. I have reached emotional capacity, sliding into rock bottom, more than once and have come out kicking each time. Even when I was sure I was done for.

I do not have all the answers but I am finding my voice in this new world of disease and loss. I am standing my ground. I am defining myself anew, and I am working on balance. I am working on staying in the moment. I am working on letting go of injustices I can’t control, and I am working on faith. I am working on love and forgiveness. I am working on myself.

My son is sick. My heart has been broken so many times I wonder sometimes if it’s still there, but I am still here. We are still together. He is still my little boy, and I couldn’t be luckier!

Alex Scardapane
Special Education Teacher

Hello! My name is Alex and for the past 8 years, I have had the pleasure of working with children with a variety of needs from learning delays, to emotional disturbance, to autism spectrum disorder. I recently moved back to Philadelphia after teaching special education in NYC for the past two years and graduating with my masters from Hunter college. Over the years I have used an array of tools, in the classroom and at home, to assist with education and behavior needs. I have seen so many wonderful improvements both academically and emotionally that I wanted to share all that I have with the rest of the world. Whether your child has learning delays, special needs or just has a hard time following a schedule, I know my tools can help!

What I have learned in the past 8 years is that with a positive attitude, high expectations and a supportive learning environment any child can achieve greatness.