Thank You!

Hello Moms,

This week a dear friend asked if she could submit a thank you letter instead of a venting letter and I jumped at the chance. We all need a safe place to express our frustration, anger, and fear. But gratitude will always be the way to happiness and this letter warmed my heart. This is the kind of world we are trying to create for our kids! Thank you for sharing, friend! xoxo

Dear Teacher,

Words cannot express what it meant to me to receive a commendation email about my son today.  As you know, our son is on the autism spectrum and it is always so encouraging to hear when he is doing well in a particular subject. Your thoughtfulness and your kindness and care for us, as his parents, in IEP meetings and emails have been a balm to our souls.  We have seen our son thrive as he continues to learn how to make videos, edit them, and use camera equipment, under your tutelage. Thank you for having movie afternoons after school where students can stay later, watch a movie, and then discuss it with you.  We continue to thank God that He put you in our son’s life and that he has the opportunity to be in your class for the next 2 years.
Thank you
A lost and found mom

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  1. Very nice! It is important to give back to great caregivers. When my child reaches a milestone, I like to share that with someone from the past who helped us get there – and tell them that. There are so many of them. They always appreciate hearing how we’ve progressed.

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