Teacher’s Corner

Hello! My name is Alex and for the past 7 years I have had the pleasure of working with children with a variety of needs from learning delays, to emotional disturbance, to autism spectrum disorder. I recently moved back to Philadelphia after teaching special education in NYC for the past two years and graduating with my masters from Hunter college. Over the years I have used an array of tools, in the classroom and at home, to assist with education and behavior needs. I have seen so many wonderful improvements both academically and emotionally that I wanted to share all that I have with the rest of the world. Whether your child has learning delays, special needs or just has a hard time following a schedule, I know these tools can help! My goal is to follow Kerri’s amazing blog and upload a new tool every week. I will post blank templates and examples of personalized tools.  I will also do my best to arrange the tools from simple to more complex depending on your child’s needs.

What I have learned in the past 7 years is that with a positive attitude, high expectations and a supportive learning environment any child can achieve greatness.

Now, I have the best job in the world… being Buddha’s special instructor! I get the privilege to work with Buddha both academically and behaviorally. I started by implementing to-do lists, weekly and monthly calendars and a token economy system (I will explain in a future post). Eventually, I worked onto emotional check charts and cool down systems. Finally, I began modifying his school work to fit his needs and created graphic organizers to help him in school. Buddha now independently sets timers for his tasks, completes school work (with his graphic organizers and modifications) on his own and is able to follow cool downs systems which have improved his negative behaviors.