What We Provide

Adding Structure:

We will create custom expectations and routines that will aid in building independence. Example of routines can be morning, after school or bedtime routines. We will sit with your children and create these routines so they can have their own input into it. Routines will be laminated and reviewed with your child and family before you need to implement them on your own. We will create and implement personalized systems to help build a more positive environment in your home. These systems will motivate your children to complete tasks independently without the need for constant reminders. The systems will also keep your child engaged and help improve negative behaviors.

Upon request, we can stay and implement routines until your child can do them independently.

Adding Organization:

We can help organize your home life by:

  • Organizing children’s room
  • Children’s school work.
  • Create family calendars
  • Organize IEP’s, 504 plans and medical information

 Support/ Babysitting:

Whether you need support for yourself, for your child, or for your family we will be there. We can provide trained men and women to watch your children while you go out and have time for yourself. Grab a coffee with Kerri or just go out and have fun. Our caretakers will be trained in all of your child’s personalized programs.

  Mentoring/ Confidence Building:

We can provide social skills and confidence building through theater classes