“My mom doesn’t yell at me anymore to remind me of all the things in the morning. It made me feel less stressed. It makes my mom less stressed. And I’m more independent.”

Caroline, 11 years old (Implemented morning, afterschool and nighttime routine)


“I’ve been able to get things done quickly which gave me more free time.”

– Anna, 14 years old: (Implemented morning routine)


“We enlisted Lost and Found Moms to help us with a nighttime routine.  I needed my daughter to sleep in her own room, so I could get some quality sleep.  I’ve been fighting this battle for 9 years, so my expectations were extremely low. After 3 days, my daughter was not only rocking her nighttime routine but was asking for a morning routine as well.

It’s been over two months and our routines have brought peace and order to our home.  Lost and Found Moms not only exceeded my expectations, they gave me things I didn’t know I needed or wanted.  Specifically, they’ve given me more time to spend with my teenage son at night.  I am now able to help him with his homework instead of falling asleep trying to get my daughter to fall asleep.   We will all be forever grateful. “

-Yvette,  Special Needs Mom (Daughter 9 years old)