Life Goes on With or Without Seizures

Epilepsy Awareness Month. Day 3!
Life goes on with or without seizures.

The motto in our house is, “everyone has their sh*t”. Ok we say everyone has their challenges, but I like everyone has their sh*t better. We believe that no one gets out of life unscathed and everyone has something! But, we also believe that’s it’s a crazy beautiful, magical miracle we’re here at all and we try really hard to focus on the good, be grateful, and stay in the moment. TRY! Not always do, as there is apparently a lot of frustrated growling in my house done by yours truly, but TRY!! And somehow through it all, Buddha is the most empathic kind little soul. He amazes me every day.

Some days, the sh*t really piles on though, as it does for everyone, and we can’t just stop and reset because it gets too hard or because Buddha has epilepsy.

This morning my son-my smart clever, trouble-shooting son-swallowed a lego that got lodged in his throat.

Yes folks. It has happened to us! He swallowed a lego. He was shaky from his morning seizures and using his teeth to separate pieces (bad example mom) sent a lego dragon-claw barreling down his gullet.

He’s FINE!! He never stopped breathing completely and finally swallowed it, with no small amount of pain and gasping I might add, but at least continuously breathing.

The good news, besides obviously not choking and losing air, is that he didn’t seize during the ordeal.

We ran to the fire house, thankfully across the street, and after getting some good poundings on the back, a seat in not one but two ambulances, a totally cool x-ray picture, and an awful 2 hours in an adult ER that smelled like pee, he was ok and we were discharged…with no seizures.

Now, he had 3 last night but he made it through this morning like a the champ he is.

I guess he learned his lesson because he came home and went right back to playing with his legos. I feel like I’ve been swallowed by a dragon.

But, life goes on with or without seizures. Thank God!

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